BeauFITul Kicks: We Run SF Releases

The Nike Women’s Half Marathon collection has been released and made available exclusively through the We Run SF App.  While the Nike Pegasus 31 has been on the app earlier, the other two shoes, the Nike Women’s Half Marathon Structure 18 and Nike Zoom Fit Agility NWM Women’s training shoe made their debut today.

Nike Women's Half Marathon Structure 18

I already have the Nike Pegasus 18, but I’ve been wondering how the Structure is.  I like how it’s meant for stability while being lightweight, and I can’t lie- I like the colorway too!  I’m considering switching out my Pegasus for these….or get them both?  That’s plain crazy…but what do I do?

Nike Zoom Fit Agility NWM

Then we have the Zoom Fit Agility, great for the gym.  I had the pleasure of testing out a pair at the Girl’s Night In at Nike Union Street earlier this month.  These shoes offered great support with all of the jumping, balancing, and burpees we did.  Plenty of cushioning without weighing them down.  I don’t think I’m quite in the market for a training shoe at the moment (even though I probably don’t own any), so these are not high on my list of things.

Who am I kidding?  If it were up to me, I’d have all 3 pairs.

What pair are you looking forward to?


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