I Run This: One Step 4 Red

One Step 4 Red

Turn your miles RED and get one step closer to ending AIDS.

Bank of America has teamed up with the Nike+ Running app to make all those miles count towards something greater.  For every pledged mile ran and synced on the app, BofA will donate 40 cents to the global fund to fight AIDS.  That 40 cents could provide one day of medicine.  Each week has a set goal to achieve, and with so many people on their running game, these goals shouldn’t be hard to accomplish.  I already love running with the Nike+ Running app, and now, it’s worth it even more.

This release came at a great time: right before the Nike Women’s Half Marathon.  Imagine, if all 25,000 runners all pledged their 13.1 miles, that would be…..a lot of money.  I can’t do the math right now, sorry!

If you use the app, and you haven’t pledged, what’s stopping you?  It only takes a minute to pledge…and the rest automatically updates each time you run.

Pledge your miles at the One Step 4 Red site.  You can track your miles by money and also by medicine on the site- but not on the app.  It’s kind of a hassle to have to log in to the One Step 4 Red site each time you want to see what you raised, but once you see the money and the medicine, it’s worth it.  I wish this were a feature of the app so after a run, the pledge pops up.  But I’d rather the money go towards medicine rather than an updated app.

I’m looking forward to seeing how much I can raise!

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