Nike Women’s Half Marathon Focus Group

The Concrete Runners invited me to join a Nike Women’s Half Marathon focus group about running and I jumped on the opportunity of course.  Before you know it, I was on the 7th floor of Nike Town sitting down with 3 other runners and a group of Nike reps.  Their departments ranged from bags to socks.

We spent the time sharing our running stories and our fashion influences, and went around the store to pick out a few favorite items to create our “dream race outfit.”  It’s funny that a few of us chose the same Nike Shield Flash Max jacket and considered buying it on the spot…until we saw the price tag.  Maybe next time….

It was a great opportunity to share my story with a brand who has had a major influence on both my fashion and fitness lifestyle.  But aside from that, it was great to connect with other runners, even those in my crew, and hear their stories and motivation.

Thanks for the gifts, Nike!  I love the new backpack and socks that both match my new We Run SF NWHM Pegasus 31, and the gift card will definitely come in handy. Wish I had it just a few days ago when I picked up the Structures!

Nike Focus Group

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