FIT Grid: Mission I’m Possible RUNway Ready Kit

RUNway Ready Kit

The Nike Women’s Half Marathon weekend with Mission I’m Possible has filled me up with so much joy, and now my closet also gets filled up with some love from MIP.  We can’t hit the RUNway without being properly dressed for victory, so the whole MIP Army has been outfitted for the race.  Everyone received a drawstring MIP backpack filled with goodies, and all of the items were different.  I think that was a nice touch because it allowed everyone to mix up their different items and yet have a cohesive overall look for the RUNway.  Believe, we were rollin’ deep and all looked RUNway ready!

All of the ladies received camo Mission I’m Possible Offshoot leggings, which was a great statement piece for us to rock and pay homage to the amazing FloJo.  There were ladies everywhere asking where to get the pant.

The rest of the kit varied for everyone.  My kit was composed of:

  • White mesh MIP tee
  • Black dry-fit MIP t-shirt
  • White MIP jersey tank (perfect since I already have the black one!)
  • Champion cross-back sports bra
  • Champion tank
  • Without Walls floral watercolor hat

Opening up the backpacks was like opening up Christmas presents.  It was so fun to see the different items that everyone received.  There were a lot of folks with the camo MIP Champion hoodie, and while one wasn’t in my bag, I felt I had plenty of good solid items to work with for the RUNway even after the race.  I mean, I pretty much had the ability to make my race day fit completely from the kit, but for the run, I ended up only wearing the pants.  Can’t wait to wear everything else!

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