Nike Women’s Half Marathon Expotique: Paul Mitchell Braid Bar

Nike Expo Braid Bar- Karolynh

When I found out there was a Paul Mitchell braid bar at the Nike Women’s Half Marathon Expotique, I made it a point to make an appointment. I’m always braiding my daughter’s hair, and trying to braid my own, so any chance I get my tresses in someone else’s hand is rare.

Thankfully Karolynh knew all the ins and outs of the Expotique and told me about the appointment system.  It was all full on Friday, so we planned to come first thing on Saturday morning since we were going to be running the Nike Shake Out Run anyways. After the run, we went straight to the booth at about 8:30am, but there weren’t any openings until 10:30am.  So we put our names down, but after a little bit, we went back to try to get squeezed in….and it worked!  We were able to get in as a walk in.

Nike Expo Braid Bar

I chose the Runner’s High look because I like having my hair up and back during a run.  The two who braided my hair were fun.  First he sectioned off a portion of my hair for the crown braid, then he put the rest of my hair in a ponytail and they started randomly braiding pieces and pinned them in a messy bun.  I was afraid the braids wouldn’t hold up, but they were in there tight! It must have taken only 15 minutes max.

Nike Expo Braid Bar- Hair

Another perk of this booth is the travel size Paul Mitchell dry shampoo.  Those totally come in handy after a run!

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