MIP SF: Sunday Track Session

MIP Track run 10.26.14

After a legendary weekend with Mission I’m Possible for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon, I’ve been itching to connect again….not only to connect with my MIP SF team again and reminisce, but also to just connect with myself and get my body moving.  Thankfully, Abel of SF-OG Clothing scheduled a track session this past Sunday to give me a good reason to get out there and keep that leftover MIP energy up!

Although it was a smaller sized squad this time (check out Abel’s kids!), our energy was enough for a crowd double our size.  Abel led a fulfilling workout that included some track work (Indian runs and sprints), field runs sprinkled with lunges and duck walks, and stairs.  Lots of stairs.  We were in a stadium after all!

Don’t think that I’m some sort of fine athlete.  This morning challenged me, and I couldn’t even fathom doing some of the activities.  But the great thing is that when you’re with a supportive group, they push you to do your best, and applaud you for giving it your all.  That’s just one thing I love about Mission I’m Possible.  Plus, this type of stuff is FUN.  Butt-kicking fun.  How could you not love that?  I look at it like this: Abel sets us up with these different obstacles, and we have to make them possible!  Obviously I was obsessed with Double Dare as a kid.

MIP Track Day Outfit

I’m not going to lie….another love for MIP is the love of fashion!  This gave me a chance to wear some of my stuff from the MIP RUNway Ready Kit.  That mesh shirt is one of my favorite pieces, and I’m lovin’ the legging. Yes, I left the “s” off on purpose to keep it real.  MIP Offshoot legging

My We Run SF Nike Pegasus haven’t had too many miles on them yet, so they made their track debut.

NWHM water bottle

Of course, you have to stay hydrated so I brought my latest addition to my water bottle collection, the finisher’s bottle from the Nike Women’s Half Marathon.  The last time I used this was for a victory mimosa, but there was definitely ONLY water in it this time.  The other bottle is Fredo’s and it’s from Foot Patrol London from the FILA collab they did 2 years ago.  It’s that rare water bottle action going on out here!  But with all them water bottles, it still wasn’t enough.  Shout out to Chris for coming through with some extra bottles.  MIP got each other’s backs!

These track sessions aren’t regularly scheduled like the First Saturday runs, but Abel did mention wanting to do it either once a month or every other month.  Don’t miss out on the next one.  Follow me on Instagram to find out when.  Go ahead and go for those goals!

MIP Goal Digging

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