We Run to Shop: Nike Friends and Family Day

run 12.7.14

An action item from a recent Concrete Runners meeting called for a shopping trip to the Nike Clearance Store in my old neighborhood, and with a Friends and Family discount for the weekend, I couldn’t wait to make a shopping run.  Thankfully my Concrete Runners suggested a quick run before we hit the store.  I couldn’t say no to that!  It makes sense to run before you shop for running gear.

We met up at the same spot that we met at one week prior for the Sweat It Off Run, except this time it wasn’t in the pouring rain.  It felt good to show my fellow runners my favorite running course when we’re not soaking wet.  We cruised through 2 miles and finished on the dock.  Now….time to shop!

With a 30% coupon (thanks Rocky!), I knew I could come home with a few goodies and not feel too bad.  I found a Tiffany blue Pro Classic sports bra that I actually picked out as part of my dream race outfit back when I did the Nike Women’s Half Marathon focus group, but now it was only $14.99!  But, that’s not all….also found a Nike Pro Fierce Mezzo bra in the same color!  Let’s not forget about that extra 30% off.

nike friends and family haul

I found a top that came with a light sports bra so I picked that up too since it was 2 pieces for wayyyyy cheap.  I made it out of their with only one pair of shoes, which makes me proud because I could have easily went overboard with a discount like that.  I went with the Free Flyknit 3.0 since this sale was too good to pass up.

nike pom pom socks

Since I was already there, I might as well stock up on socks, and aside from a pack of Irregulars, I also picked up two pairs of Nike Gold pom-pom socks, except I might hit the concrete in these!

I picked up a few other goodies too, including some gifts but I can’t spoil it!

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