Holiday NTC with Nike Union Street

NTC Nike Union Street

When Nike Union Street invited the Concrete Runners to a special holiday NTC workout, we rallied up the crew and came through in the pouring rain.  I brought my daughter along, because last time we were there together for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon Kick-Off event, I vowed that we would work out together more.  This event was perfect for that.

An email sent out the day before said that the event was going on, rain or shine, and to bring some Studio Wraps if we had any.  I had no idea what we were in store for, but I kind of like that element of surprise when we go to the Nike Union Street workouts.  We showed up wearing our Studio Wraps and the outer shoe.   Thanks to the Nike Clearance Center for having these for wayyyy cheap for me and the kid. We haven’t even worn them outside of our living room yet!

NTC Nike Union Street Studio Wraps pack

We started off with a huddle and ran 0.4 miles to the secret location, which really surprised me… was inside of a bar!  Yoga mats were laid out in front of a fireplace and a Christmas tree, and Studio Wrap trials were on the bar top!  Don’t worry…no drinking was involved.

NTC Nike Union Street huddle

NTC Nike Union Street Studip Wrap Trials

NTC Nike Union Street venue

The pilates/yoga-inspired workout was based off of one on the NTC app.  First were the squats, sprinkled in with some pulses.  Then came the leg lifts in every angle, followed by some (hard) core like the boat pose and planks….LOTS of planks, including an upside down plank where we were facing the planks on the ceiling!  The trainers were so encouraging and really worked us out.  Believe me, it was a struggle to hold some of the poses and I bust a sweat after the first few squats.  But when everyone in the room is struggling too, yet still holding a smile and working through it with you, then you can’t help but classify this type of stuff as FUN instead of torture. Plus….the soundtrack had us singing along during the workout.

After a few festive photos in front of the fireplace and the Christmas tree, we ran back in the rain to Nike Union Street and were pleased to see a food truck (and a canopy) in front of the store.  Inside, there was a photo booth, a flash tattoo station, and hot chocolate…….yes!  I think that alone made it worth it for my daughter.

NTC Nike Union Street Photo Booth

We received a cute little gift from Nike which included a reversible pouch, some treats, and a lip product.  Super cute, thanks!

NTC Nike Union Street Holiday Gift Bag

We took some photos in the booth and then that’s when the food truck, Hella Vegan Eats, started to bring in the first course.  They served us four courses!  Yes, a food truck with hella good vegan food walked around with trays and bowties and served us after a work out.  We were totally spoiled.

photo 1(56)

photo 2(60)

photo 3(44)

photo 4(35)

photo 5(20)

Concrete Runners at NTC Nike Union Street

Check out all the Concrete Runners who came through to work out!  Since there were so many of us, we used it as an opportunity to pass out our new Season 2 t-shirts.

Thank you Nike Union Street for another fun event!

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