See Jane Run Holiday Hangover 5k

It’s the morning after Christmas and I’m checking my email in bed when one catches my eye.

Run our free 5K run tomorrow 12/26 and get free Smartwool socks…. yep, it’s true

Free 5k…and free socks? Plus mimosas and food?!?!?


OK!  I take a look at the time.  It starts at 9am which gave me… hour to make it happen!

Luckily it was easy for me to choose what to wear.  I’ve been wanting to wear my new Without Walls tights that I picked up the other night during a big sale at Urban Outfitters.  Top that off with my Concrete Runners Season 1 tank and the Without Walls hat that I received in the MIP RUNway Ready Kit.

See Jane Run- Outfit

I made it to See Jane Run in Oakland just in time to sign up on the list.  I’ve only been here once and that was for the See Jane Run Champagne Run Expo a few years back.  It was good to be in a specialty store just for the ladies!

I grabbed a course map and we went outside for a group photo.  I’m not sure why they thought it was ok to have a light post right in the middle of the photo.

See Jane Run Holiday Hangover 5k

The pacers kept the run at a very comfortable speed and we went on an easy 5k around to Telegraph Ave. and back.  I got to chat with another woman who actually ran the reverse course before the run started.  Talk about going the extra miles!  That really impressed me.

I also realized that I forgot to start my Nike+ Running App for about half of the run.  That irks me so much!  Every mile counts especially when I’m really trying to finish the Concrete Runners Countdown to 2015 Challenge!

When the run was finished, we were greeted with a table with bagels, bananas, chocolate, and champagne.  YES!  This is not a joke.  I celebrated my spontaneity with a mimosa and a dark chocolate peanut butter cup.

See Jane Run- Food

See Jane Run- Mimosas

Everything in the store was on sale so we had some time to look around before it was time for the giveaway.  Runners were called by name in order in which they signed up on the list, which meant I was going to be there for a while, which meant more mimosas and chocolate.  You could choose either the Holiday Hangover shirt or a pair of socks.  I chose the socks.

See Jane Run- in store

See Jane Run- Socks

This was a fun event that I’m glad I didn’t sleep through.  Thank you See Jane Run for hosting this….I totally needed it!

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