Collecting Miles: First Time at Lake Elizabeth

Lake Elizabeth Run

Since my Instagram feed is pretty much all run-related, a lot of my friends have picked up on that.  Invitations to all of the group runs have been extended to anyone who has the slightest urge to run.  So when a couple of my friends invite me to run some miles in a new location, I’m all about it!

I’ve always wanted to run Lake Elizabeth, a local lake not too far from where I just moved.  It’s about 2 miles all around and full of lovely scenery with plenty of birds, families, and fitness.  We kept it at a comfortable pace so that we all could complete 2 rounds around the lake.  It was a gorgeous winter day and we even saw a decorated tree on the course!

Christmas Tree Lake Elizabeth

It was great to get out there and be motivated by my friends.  It’s not about how fast you go, or whether you are a “runner”, because all that matters is that you are out there doing it with each other.  We definitely will be collecting more miles together at Lake Elizabeth in the future!

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