Collecting Miles: Lake Tahoe

lake tahoe run- nike

Even though the weekend was a little crazy for me, I’m proud of myself for collecting some miles.

It started at 2am on Saturday morning, waking up and getting ready for the Concrete Runners photo shoot.  I don’t even wake up that early on race day!  Then after handling a little work business, it was off to Lake Tahoe- during a rainstorm- for a friend’s birthday party.  The night was filled with food, lots of fun involving dollar bills, and spiced apple cider and Jameson…yum.  I didn’t make it to bed until 2am- which meant I was up for 24 hours!

lake tahoe run- official

Despite the long night, I woke up around 9 and felt the running itch.  I never travel without my running gear, and I wasn’t going to let a long night stop me from exploring the North Shore of Lake Tahoe.  So while everyone was dealing with a hangover and packing their bags, I geared up for a run.  My friends must have thought I was crazy, and yes, I thought it was a little crazy too, especially since I haven’t ever run in a higher elevation, 6000+ ft. to be exact.

lake tahoe run- snow

There wasn’t much snow, but considering I haven’t seen any in over 4 years, it excited me to see little patches on the ground.  Yes, it was cold, but soon after one mile, my body warmed up and the jacket came off.

lake tahoe run- docks

My route was unplanned, but I knew running to the actual Lake was a must.  How could I go to Lake Tahoe and not even see the lake?  I took a break and explored some of the docks.  It might be considered trespassing but how could I deny a view like this?

Lake Tahoe dock

lake tahoe run- sand

The sands of the shore were equally gorgeous.  I didn’t dare dip my toes in, even though I was highly tempted, but I didn’t want to run with sandy toes.  The route ended up being about 3 miles, and as soon as I returned to the cabin, it was back into the car for another drive through a storm.  The elevation didn’t really mess with me, as I was elevated from being in such a beautiful place.  I look forward to more miles in Lake Tahoe!

lake tahoe run- street

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