NTC First Fridays with the Concrete Runners

FIrst Friday Run Photo

I love a free workout, and the Nike NTC events are always so much fun!  But when you are running late and miss the party bus, then you gotta make up for it by hitting the ground running!

The Concrete Runners always roll deep and my fellow Captain let me know that they were all at Nike Union and were boarding a bus…to go to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Fisherman’s Wharf.  So I switched my route and drove to the Embarcadero.

Parking in the Wharf is tough, so when I saw an opening near Pier 23, I parked it and checked the mileage to the wax museum.  Less than a mile?  No problem! The workout had already begun, and I didn’t want to show up all fresh faced while my ladies have been working hard.

I showed up already sweating, and immediately joined the group in the back with some squats, planks, and more glorious sweat.  The room was full of ladies with Friday Night energy.  I might have missed the party bus and part of the workout, but I sure worked enough to be sore the next day.

First Friday Sign

After the workout, we took some group photos and picked up our dinner.

First Friday Concrete Runners

Since we were on the top floor of the museum, we were corralled into an elevator…..and were almost stuck in it!  Our energy broke the elevator.

I didn’t hop on the bus ride to the store, which meant I had another mile back to the car.  I can’t complain about running the Embarcadero at night!

First Friday Run Times

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