2016 Represent Running Ambassador


Happy New Year!  I’m so pleased to be selected to be a 2016 Represent Running Ambassador.  In fact, so many of the Concrete Runners were selected as well!  You can check out their post on the list of 2016 ambassadors…..scroll down and you’ll see me at the end of the list.  (I’m not used to things being alphabetized by first name!)

What does this mean?  This means I’ll be running more, representing more, and building more community in the running game.  This also means I’ll have discount codes for the Represent Running races…keep posted!

Let's Go 510k Race

Last year I did the Let’s Go 510 and I’m happy to be running it again, as well as the other 2 races in the Run the Bay Challenge.  I’ll get an extra medal for that!



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