Barry’s Bootcamp and Thync


I’ve heard all about Barry’s Bootcamp and have always wanted to get my butt in the door for one of their work outs.  So when Thync teamed up with them to offer a class, along with a session to try out their technology, I hopped on the opportunity!

If you’re wondering what Thync is, I was wondering the same thing when I saw them at a race expo last year.  I was drawn to those weird plastic pieces that seemed to be glued to people’s foreheads.  This was something I just had to try!  It was a cool experience, so I knew that teaming it up with a workout would be even better.


When I got to Barry’s, I signed in and checked out the locker room while waiting for the other class to let out.  WHOA!  Talk about stocked.  There was everything you need for a lady to get ready.  The class let out and we made our way to the work out room.  There were iPods and the Thync modules located at each station.  After a briefing with the Thync staff, we our outfitted with the modules for a 10 minute session to get us energized for our workout.


How does Thync work?  With all the wearable technology in the fitness game, Thync is trying to redefine that with their Module.  These are meant to be work in conjunction with their Thync strips, which are first stuck to the right side of the forehead and then to the back of the neck.  Snap in the Module and boom- you’re ready to experience a Vibe.

On the Thync app, you can control the Vibe.  We were set up with 10 minutes of the Energy Vibes, which gives a boost to improve performance during a workout by signaling nerves on the face and head.  This might seem a little weird to be messing with the nerves in your head, but Thync engineers and neuroscientists have years of research and testing behind them to ensure safety and results.


Once the Vibes begin, you start off about about 50% and feel a tingling sensation on your forehead and on your neck.  It was suggested that we should increase to about 60-80%, and as I increased the percentage, the Vibes increased too.  It was a feeling that took some getting used to, but after being at a higher percentage for most of the duration, going to 90% wasn’t too bad.  I felt like I was definitely in the future of fitness wearing that!

Right after, we removed the Module and began our workout.  I started off at the bench and did some work with weights.  I was pretty proud to be using the 8 pound weights, considering I haven’t worked out in a long time (shhh, don’t tell anyone!).  After a few minutes, we switched with the other folks on the treadmills.


I usually never run on treadmills, but this was actually pretty fun- and bearable.  The instructor let us know what level and what incline we should be at, and when to increase our speed, and for how long we would be doing it, while simultaneously directing the group on the benches.  Wow, talk about talent!  We did a few different rotations from floor to treadmill, and I pushed myself to my limit, running the fastest I ever have for 1 minute sprints.  Hello 6 minute mile pace!

Did the Thync Vibes help me to beast out this workout?  I’d like to think so.  I was getting over a cold and wanted to sweat out my sickness, and I definitely sweat it ALL out.  After having no energy to even leave my house, I think that the combination of the excitement of doing my first Barry’s Bootcamp and receiving the Energy Vibes helped me to have a damn good time.

After the workout, there were smoothies waiting for us.  I chose the Acai Berry and it was really on point as I received 10 minutes of the Calm Vibes.  This was a great way to relax and recover from one of the most intense workouts I ever had.

The Babe Cave, a.k.a. the locker room, was calling my name after that, and I needed to relax some more and take a hot shower.  I loved that the facility uses great products from ______ .  I was hooked up and had everything I needed to freshen up, even a branded bag to put my dripping wet, sweaty workout clothes in.


Thanks to Thync and Barry’s Bootcamp for giving me my first great workout of the year.  Aside from the photos, I had sore muscles everywhere for the next 3 days to remind myself of this time.


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