Pilates at Anthropologie Palo Alto


I celebrated a few firsts this past weekend: my first Pilates class…and my first Pilates class in an Anthropologie store. I know, it sounds different, but let me tell you, the booty pain I’m experiencing 2 days later is well worth it. I brought my daughter along for the ride, and she has no complaints either. I feel like an accomplished mama!

I had a chance to check out a Pilates class at the brand new Anthropologie store in Palo Alto at the Stanford Mall. I heard this store is one of the biggest in the companies, and it was definitely amazing to be in that space. After checking in, and trying to avoid looking through the clothing racks, we walked up a grand staircase to the second level. This amazing art sculpture was hanging in the stairwell, and upon a closer look, it was composed of clothespins!


The landing on the second floor was cleared out for the Pilates class, aside from a few rugs. Leaving the rugs there made it feel like the Anthro-aesthetic, ya know? The instructor, Sakaya, welcomed us and we set up our mats towards the back. As Pilates newbies, we can’t be all in the front.


Sakaya led us through 50 minutes of Pilates, filled with plenty of pulses. It was cool to be in this vast space with all these cute clothes that I could just aim my focus on as I try to complete the rep. I really appreciate her gentle and informative teaching style.  I wore my new Girlfriend Collective leggings and they held up well for the entire class.  #HeyGirlfriend


After the class was over, we were treated to berry and granola yogurt parfaits and…..MIMOSAS! The set up was so cute in the Anthropologie serving ware.



Honestly, I was counting down the minutes until my mimosa. My daughter and I then shopped around as I finished my mimosa…or two!


Since I haven’t been to Stanford Shopping Mall in forever, we strolled around for a while and then stopped to get some poke at Go Fish Poke Bar. We’re friends and fans of Turtle Wayne and it was great to see his artwork not only on the walls, but also on the chopsticks. It was a delicious bowl of poke, and a perfect way to end an active morning.


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