VIP Urban Adventure with CLIF Bar & Ivy


Adventure is my thing (as long as it’s not too hardcore).  And as much as I love planning, I also love spontaneity.  So when My Healthy Dish was invited by Ivy, the Social University, to a VIP Clif Bar Urban Adventure, I was all about it.  The invitation promised biking, feasting, live music, and sunset vistas, so how could I say no?  I really had no idea what to expect, except that we were going to be riding bikes throughout San Francisco to different locations, ending in a different point from where we started, and we’d get a backpack to hold our belongings.  And it’s true, yes, we did those items on the itinerary, but the experience far surpassed anything I expected.  Way to go CLIF Bar & Ivy!

Before you read on, check out the video recap to get a little teaser.  I somehow made the edits, so you’ll be seeing me in my new shades (so silly of me to forget my own).

Ok now to my experience.  We started in Hayes Valley at SoSF Bike Tours.  This whole area is pretty cool as they rent bikes out of shipping containers!  We were greeted by the CLIF Bar staff, handed a Patagonia backpack with a CLIF patch on it (I was SOOO excited to get this backpack!), and then got to taste their latest launch, CLIF Nut Butter Filled Bars.  I really needed that energy because I had to rush from work just to make it in time.  The bars are Certified USDA organic and filled with creamy nut butters.  I had the Chocolate Hazelnut Butter kind was really happy with my choice.


Then, came time to meet my bike.  Somehow these people know I love Tiffany Blue, and my ride or die for the next few hours was a cute Public bike in my fave color.  We took some group pics and then after a safety and road rules talk, we hit the streets.


Keep in mind, I had no idea where we were going.  I opted to stay close to the front of the pack near our guide, and after riding through Valencia, we ended up a Dolores Park.  I’ve never been on a weekday, so it was pretty mellow, but as we parked our bikes, I saw the CLIF Bar team in the distance.  Looks like we were playing Cornhole- except CLIF Bar style!


We formed 3 teams and then raced to score as much as we could in one minute.  I can’t believe I actually got one it- it was pretty hard.  I had my eye on the prizes they were giving out but unfortunately, my team didn’t win.  It still was so much fun!

After, we hopped back on our bikes and headed over to Bernal Heights to reach new heights, literally.  We dropped off our bikes and hiked up to the Bernal Heights Summit to see some of the most amazing views of all of San Francisco.  I’m not going to lie, just walking up the street to get to the actual park was crazy steep.  I had to take off my jacket in the brisk San Francisco evening weather because I worked up a sweat.  Then, hiking to the summit was another story.  When we reached the top, it was breathtaking.


We all took so many photos, and chilled in some interesting CLIF Bar chairs to watch the sunset.  One of the folding chairs was actually made for giants and just sitting in it- with my back facing the steep hill below- was thrilling!


We rounded the corner and yet again, CLIF surprised us with wine from the Clif Family Winery and cheese and charcuterie (with some amazing cheese knives).  You know I’m about that life!  But before I indulged, I had to ask my Instagram husband to take a photo break with me so I could capture the iconic swing before the sunset.  It was still a little too dark but fun nonetheless.



We drank our wine out of CLIF camping mugs, which really excited me because I had something new to add to my camping kit!


Once darkness approached, we descended down the hill on the other side and into the neighborhood to reach Bernal Star.  The table was set for us and the delicious food kept coming.  I ordered the tacos but was already full from the pizzas and salads!


I thought that would be the end of the night, but we hopped back on the bikes, this time it was a little more challenging- not only because it was dark but also because we all had some wine in our system.


Thankfully, I was thinking safety first when I chose my outfit- a reflective Lululemon jacket and all-3M Nike Internationalists (which were not the business for hiking, btw).  Hayley from Lady in Tech obviously was thinking the same thing and we each had reflective lust for each other’s jackets.

FullSizeRender 2

Our last stop was the Make-Out Room, and surprisingly, I’ve never been there but heard all about it in my days.  The place was super festive and we drank margaritas and chit-chatted some more as the DJs spun some funky 45s.  What a great way to end the night!

With Lyft codes to take us back to our starting point, I couldn’t stop smiling at how much fun this whole Urban Adventure was.  A Wanderlust weekend trip to Lake Tahoe was in the calendar for the next morning, and this was a great way to kick off my vacation that would entail even more adventure.  This whole experience was one that I wouldn’t do on my own as I often think of adventure as veering off into nature, or hopping in a car to a far-off location.  But thanks to CLIF Bar and IVY for allowing me the time to get out in the city and explore it in a different way.  Using physical activity, fun games and sights, and healthy food to connect with other people- and myself- is the best way to do it.  Thank you CLIF and Ivy for this Urban Adventure- it was truly a VIP experience!  Now it’s time to take my backpack on more adventures…



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