Race Recap: Wharf to Wharf

When a non-runner suggests a race for you, there must be something special about it to keep them interested. I’ve never heard about the Wharf to Wharf race until someone told me how much fun he had when running it….and he doesn’t even like to run. I looked into the race and after seeing it... Continue Reading →

Collecting Miles: Lake Tahoe

Even though the weekend was a little crazy for me, I'm proud of myself for collecting some miles. It started at 2am on Saturday morning, waking up and getting ready for the Concrete Runners photo shoot.  I don't even wake up that early on race day!  Then after handling a little work business, it was... Continue Reading →

See Jane Run Holiday Hangover 5k

It's the morning after Christmas and I'm checking my email in bed when one catches my eye. Run our free 5K run tomorrow 12/26 and get free Smartwool socks.... yep, it's true Free 5k...and free socks? Plus mimosas and food?!?!? OK!  I take a look at the time.  It starts at 9am which gave me.....one... Continue Reading →

Holiday NTC with Nike Union Street

When Nike Union Street invited the Concrete Runners to a special holiday NTC workout, we rallied up the crew and came through in the pouring rain.  I brought my daughter along, because last time we were there together for the Nike Women's Half Marathon Kick-Off event, I vowed that we would work out together more. ... Continue Reading →


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